Message from Prof. Fanny M. CheungFanny

I am pleased to announce that The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) will host the International Conference on Regulatory Governance, jointly organised by its Department of Government and Public Administration and the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies on 46 July 2019, with the support of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) Standing Group on the Regulatory Governance.

The theme of this conference is “Unpacking the Complexity of Regulatory Governance in a Globalising World”. The conference will address best practice in designing policies, programs and organisations on regulatory governance when facing the challenges of a globalising world. This event is the inauguration of a regulatory conference series in Asia, which is an initial step to globalising regulatory research with the objective of facilitating the gathering of regulation researchers from the East and West to explore complex research on regulatory governance. Underpinning this event is the vision of building a global network to meet the demands and challenges of globalising regulatory governance research.

The Regulatory Governance Conferences organised by the Standing Group have been well attended by world’s leading scholars in regulation and compliance research from top American, African, Asian, UK, and European universities. For this 2019 inaugural event in Asia, we expect a larger attendance from countries in the Asia-Pacific region, namely Australia, Greater China, India, Singapore and South Korea. Hong Kong ranks among the top in the world in its regulatory quality. As a research-intensive university that fosters research excellence and impact, CUHK initiates this conference in Hong Kong to promote regulatory governance research and innovation in this part of the world.

On behalf of the CUHK, I cordially invite you to take part in this milestone event, either as a panel chair or a paper presenter. We look forward to providing you with a stimulating and amicable conference environment for you to advance your research aspiration.

Fanny M. Cheung
Choh-Ming Li Professor of Psychology
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Message from Prof. Colin Scottscott


The ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance is delighted to be supporting the initiative of organising this conference on regulatory governance in Hong Kong. The Standing Group was established in 2005 and, under the auspices of the European Consortium for Political Research, has organised biennial conferences in Europe since 2006, the last having been held in Lausanne in July 2018. These conferences have been an important focal point for scholars from many disciplines and from all over the world to meet and exchange research and ideas and have been a key part of the process for further developing and embedding the important interdisciplinary field of regulatory governance.

The Standing Group is very happy to support this conference in Hong Kong because it is drawing in a yet wider range of scholars, many with a focus on the challenges and approaches to regulatory governance in the Asia-Pacific region and thus it grows our family of researchers, our important networks and thus our capacity to challenge and support each other in better understanding the activities and processes with which we concern ourselves. It is particularly significant that we will launch and develop a global network on regulatory governance at the conference.

On behalf of all associated with the Standing Group I thank and congratulate the organisers and wish everyone a most rewarding conference experience in Hong Kong.

Colin Scott
ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance

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