Best Paper Award

ICGRG awards two best paper prizes, the ICGRG Routledge Prize (with a book voucher of £250) and the CUHK Press Prize (with a book voucher of HKD1,000) for young researcher (including PhD students). For authors planning to take part in the best paper awards, please submit the full paper to the Chair of your panel on / before 1 June 2019. Based on the recommendations of individual Panel Chairs, members of the Scientific Committee will make the decisions. Results will be announced in the Gala Dinner of the Conference on 5 July 2019.

Submission Guidelines:

Papers to be submitted: Papers that are not yet published or accepted for published. Papers that are currently under review are also welcome

Word limit: 8,000–12,000 words

Style: House style of Regulation & Governance

Closing Date for Submission to Panel Chairs: 1 June 2019

Members of Scientific Committee:

  • Prof. David Levi-Faur
  • Prof. Bridget Hutter
  • Prof. Carlos Lo
  • Prof. Salvador Parrado
  • Prof. Nancy Reichman (Chair)
  • Prof. Benjamin van Rooij
  • Prof. Shui-yan Tang
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