P5 – Panel – Emerging Trends in the Environmental Regulatory Governance in India and China

Panel Title:

(P5) Emerging Trends in the Environmental Regulatory Governance in India and China


Xuehua Zhang, Senior Fellow of Environmental Policy, Lishui Institute of Ecology and Environment, Nanjing University, China

Deborah Seligsohn, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Villanova University

Panel Descriptions:

As large, rapidly developing and populous countries, China and India face many similar environmental challenges. Both have found learning directly from Western experience where countries are less populous, wealthier and with relatively stronger legal institutions to be challenging. Increasingly there are examples of these two countries, despite their strained relations, looking to each other for lessons and collaborations in environmental management. We propose a panel examining the broad environmental and energy issues of shared learning in the context of regulatory governance. What are the emerging trends in each nation? Any similarities or distinct differences in terms of governing their environments?

The panel would be a traditional panel format and we would include papers that examine either direct learning from one country to the other (such as the Indian experience looking at Chinese power sector regulation or Chinese examination of Indian ponding systems) or case studies of parallel experience in both countries that benefit from comparison (such as China’s challenges in waste management with a focus on centralized approach vs Indian decentralized waste management approach). The theme of the panel is mutual learning in the environmental regulatory sphere, and the panel would be open to papers examining any area of environmental regulation. Through the panel discussions, we are hoping to generate opportunities for joint research and collaboration between scholars focused on Indian and Chinese environmental issues.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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