P9 – Panel – Innovation in the New Contexts Shaping Global Education. Joint-venture Operations in China and the Quality Assurance Conundrum

Panel Title:

(P9) Innovation in the New Contexts Shaping Global Education. Joint-venture Operations in China and the Quality Assurance Conundrum


Stuart Perrin, Dean for International Affairs, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China

Martin Lockett, Dean, Faculty of Business, Nottingham University Business School China, University of Nottingham

Alain-James Palisse, Academic and Operations Manager, Sino-French School of Renmin University, China

Christina Werum-Wang, Vice Director, Sino-German College of Applied Sciences, Tongji University, China

Panel Descriptions:

Panel theme:

Increasing globalization has meant that global education is confronted with immense changes and challenges. Innovative strategies to these challenges are needed and being sought in meaningful ways. If Innovation is the ‘process of making changes to something established by introducing something new that adds value to customers’, then the emergence of joint-venture (JV) operations (resulting from cooperation between institutions in two countries) , which can be thought of as a 2000’s phenomena, can be seen as one way to design and implement new global engagement strategies. Innovation often needs to occur within ‘external constraints’ or ‘blockages’. These blockages for innovation can be found at all levels, from the individual department to the institutional … and provincial/regional/national levels. Regulatory frameworks are also a crucial potential blockage to some innovative practices (Brennan et al, 2014) and in the case of JV operations, these ‘blockages’ often come in the form of regulatory governance requirements from both partner countries, especially within the area of quality assurance (QA).

At the same time, QA need not be a constraint, and provides opportunities as well as issues to be addressed. This interactive session will focus on the role of innovation in the way JV operations prioritize, design and implement quality assurance strategies to meet the needs of all partners. Highlighting how QA blockages are overcome in the Chinese context, it will discuss approaches and implications for institutions as they adapt to change and to the new challenges of society in the new era of the global citizen.

Panel format:

The panel will be an interactive methodology workshop, which will begin with short presentations from 3-5 JV institutions/programs in China, outlining challenges and innovative solutions in how they have been overcome. The session then moves to a workshop style where each panel member leads a small group discussing common QA issues and challenges, and sharing lessons on how they can be bridged. The session will end with group feedback and post workshop follow-up with collective ideas in a group email discussion or possible blog.

Panel Formats:

Methodology Workshop


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