P12 – Panel – Measuring Sectors’ Regulatory Governance: Quantitative Approaches

Panel Title:

(P12) Measuring Sectors’ Regulatory Governance: Quantitative Approaches


Jacint Jordana, Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra – Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals

Panel Descriptions:

The aim of this panel is to introduce and discuss different methods and perspectives to measure regulatory governance at the sector level. Often, ministries, courts, agencies and many other actors establish complex political and technical relations within a regulatory space, defining stable configurations in which policies are formulated, negotiated and implemented. Frequently there is a well-defined formal division of work among these bodies, but most often overlapping responsibilities, regulatory co-decisions and interdependence situations are also present in day-to-day operations. In addition, there are significant levels of delegation to regulatory agencies in many countries and sectors, which makes horizontal relations more prominent for regulatory governance than hierarchical dependencies. All these features contribute to make the measure of regulatory governance dimensions, either a national, subnational or international level, for any sector in which regulatory policy-making is a key element, a very relevant and challenging issue.

This panel pretends to attract contributions aiming to present innovative research methods applied to identify and measure main cleavages and dimensions of sectors’ regulatory governance. Among possible methods used, we find developments related to policy network analysis, cluster and factor analysis, text analysis, or the elaboration of complex relational indexes. The panel welcomes any contribution across these lines, either focusing on a particular case of study, either introducing comparative assessments for small or large-N approaches.

Panel Formats:

Methodology Workshop


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