P13 – Panel – “New Governance” Failures in Implementing Regulatory Policy

Panel Title:

(P13) “New Governance” Failures in Implementing Regulatory Policy


Wai-Hang Yee, Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong

Panel Descriptions:

This panel calls for submission which examine failures in the implementation of regulatory policies, their likely causes and potential remedies. While regulatory research since the last decade has taken a “new governance” turn (Carrigan and Coglianese 2011), paying more and more attention to the introduction of non-traditional implementation methods that go beyond government-centered command-and-control, there is a growing research interests in failures in governance (Peters 2014), and particularly in regulatory policies (Yasuda 2016). While advocates believe that by need or by aspiration newer forms of governance are preferable, skeptics worry about their effectiveness on resolving complex policy problems, as well as their applicability to some lesser-developed polities in which various foundational institutions for democratic participation are weak, and/or the required policy and administrative capacities are absent. The panel is interested in understanding these failures: What are their possible cauese? Is it a failure in “policy design”, meaning that methods unsuitable for the policy problem were introduced, or is it a “capacity deficit”, in which the design is appropriately prescribed, but the concerned actors do not possess the capacity to actualize it (Howlett and Ramesh 2014)? Or is it more fundamentally a political one, in that the prescribed coordination mechanisms fail to address the concerned actors’ expectations on how the regulatory issues shall be handled and resolved? The panel supposes that new governance failures in regulatory policy implementation may assume multiple forms. It calls for papers which detail scenarios of these failures, examine their likely causes, and/or discuss their potential remedies.


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Panel Formats:

Plenary Session


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