P17 – Panel – Reforming Regulatory Governance Systems in Health and Long Term Care

Panel Title:

(P17) Reforming Regulatory Governance Systems in Health and Long Term Care


Peter Pokman Yuen, Professor and Dean, Centre for Ageing and Healthcare Management Research, PolyU-SPEED

Panel Descriptions:

As a result of longer life expectancies, the elderly population is rising at a speed which is unprecedented in the history of mankind. Associated with ageing is the increase in the demand for health and long term care. The traditional model of financing and delivery of care has created huge problems in terms of sustainability, patient’s best interests, and equity. A more holistic, humanistic and better integrated system of care is badly needed. However, there are many regulatory and governance barriers which prevent the adoption of more innovative care patterns. This panel seeks to assemble three to four scholars to examine these issues, including end-of-life care, perennial health manpower shortages, separate governing and funding structures for health and social care, funding asymmetry for acute care vis-à-vis preventive care, with the view to recommend changes to the existing regulatory and governance systems that do not align with demographic, technology and social trends.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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