P19 – Panel – Regulation and Compliance in Developing Economies

Panel Title:

(P19) Regulation and Compliance in Developing Economies


Huina Xiao, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Chinese and Comparative Law, City University of Hong Kong

Xin He, Professor, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong

Panel Descriptions:

Developing and transitional countries face a number of challenges for improving regulatory outcome and compliance level in various regulatory fields, such as tax evasions, environmental pollutions, food safety scandals, IP infringements, emerging digital economic activities, and so forth. Given the lack of legitimacy and tax morale in developing countries, regulatory challenges and the factors that shape compliance should be different from what we have learned from developed countries. The theme of this panel seeks to engage the question of how to enhance regulation, and how to encourage compliance behavior within organizations and individuals in developing countries. The panel welcomes attempts to explore the strengths and limitations of various regulatory innovations and strategies, to address the problems of regulatory enforcement, to identify what factors have shaped compliance practice among the regulated, and to understand how we can improve regulatory outcomes. Moreover, we are aiming for papers that use a variety of empirical methods, ranging from experiments and statistical analyses to qualitative case studies. Papers proposed can be on any topic that relates to one or more legal systems or traditions, as well as work that compares a topic in one or more developing legal systems or traditions with developed systems or traditions. The panel adopts a traditional approach that attracts three to four participants with a discussant. The authors will receive critical feedback on their research from the discussant, other participants of the panel, and wider conference participants.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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