P22 – Panel – Regulatory Governance in Health Care Markets: Comparative Studies across Economies in Pacific Asia

Panel Title:

(P22) Regulatory Governance in Health Care Markets: Comparative Studies across Economies in Pacific Asia


Peter Nan-shong Lee

Carlos Wing Hung Lo, Head and Professor, Department of Government and Public Administration, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Panel Descriptions:

The study of regulatory governance is inseparable from marketization of health care, representing a salient trend of New Public Management (NPM) for last several decades since the late 1980s. While scholars and policy analysts have made attempts in conceptualization and theory-building, practitioners have never tired of experimenting with and introducing regulatory tools in the midst of marketization of health care. The proposed panel is intended to examine the use and abuse of regulatory means in order to fulfill a number of policy goals, such as allocation of health care resources, funding and insurance of health care, accessibility, safety and quality of health care to the all users etc. It will also endeavor to analyze how the government tackles the political issues arising from the application of regulatory means.

Regulatory control represents administrative instrument adopted in the interaction between the government and the markets, differing from mechanisms of management and control within the hierarchy of a territorial organization. Often in case of franchising, the state chooses to intervene in between two sides of transactions, producer and consumer (user). The proposed panel will cover several issues as follows: the adoption of various designs of regulatory control in different types markets, regulatory means in franchising of health care services, problems of regulatory control operating in various cultural and social setting, and political issues associated with exercise of regulatory control.

The proposed panel will be devoted to the study of various designs, use and effectiveness of regulatory tool in the health care markets. In conceptual and theoretical terms, the panel will deal various types of markets, from pure free market, regulated market, to “quasi-market (or internal market)”, analyzing the role of regulatory control in each type.

Theoretically speaking, one may treat health care as a mixture of collective goods and private goods, and thus not all of them are amendable to marketization. At the empirical level, the proposed panel will focus on three kinds of services and products—curative care, drugs and devices, and insurance. And each is characterized by special nature of services/products, posing challenges in applying regulatory control. Questions arise on how effective it is to apply the markets as a policy tools? what are the best designs of regulatory means? and how successful it is in the application of a given type of regulatory control? These will be main concern of the proposed panel.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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