P23 – Panel – Regulatory Governance Reform in China Reconsidered: Institutional Logic, Agency Empowerment, and Future Challenges

Panel Title:

(P23) Regulatory Governance Reform in China Reconsidered: Institutional Logic, Agency Empowerment, and Future Challenges


Peng Liu, Professor, School of Public Administration & Policy, Renmin University of China

Xueyong Zhan, Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Panel Descriptions:

This panel will explore reform trends and institutional dynamics in China’s regulatory governance reform. As extensively documented in the literature, China is undergoing fundamental transitions in its regulatory governance structures and processes along with its rapid economic growth. During the past 10 years, many scholars have made significant contributions to the understanding of both successes and failures in China’s regulatory reform in different policy domains: environmental protection, food and drug safety, energy and network industry regulation, public health, anti-trust policy and so on. Yet much more remains to be done to better understand the institutional logic of regulatory governance reform and regulatory state building in this authoritarian country, especially how to bridge and theorize all those scattered empirical studies based on various sectors. In addition, scholars have noticed that recent changes in administrative rules and legislations, regulatory agency empowerment and innovations in policy tools have reshaped the institutional context of regulatory rulemaking, enforcement and compliance. There are also increasing pressures for effective governance as caused by a lack of regulatory clarity and consistent enforcement, as well as conflicting interests among different stakeholders, such as the public and business. In this panel, scholars may present topics related to recent political, legal and administrative reforms in China’s multiple sectors and policy domains, and the institutional dynamics among government, businesses, and civil society in re-shaping regulatory governance in China. We invite scholars who work in any field of regulation and governance, with a focus on China, to submit your work to this panel. Papers in this panel aims to render a more sophisticated and comprehensive view of China’s regulatory reform and provide a forum for regulatory scholars in different policy fields to exchange research insights and learn from each other. It is expected to shed light on the institutional dynamics of China’s recent regulatory governance reform which can help to reconsider the logic and process of Chinese regulatory state building.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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