P24 – Panel – Regulatory Indicators and Measurement in Globalized Governance

Panel Title:

(P24) Regulatory Indicators and Measurement in Globalized Governance


Claire A Dunlop, Professor of Politics and Public Policy, University of Exeter

Wei Li, Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Panel Descriptions:

The panel welcomes papers concerning the creation, content and use of regulatory indicators and measurement to tackle various social and economic problems.

Performance indicators matter in globalized regulatory governance. They track a wide range of information about the adoption, implementation, and evaluation of regulations (Radaelli, 2018). They are used to measure the quality of regulations, although less developed than those for public expenditure. Like indicators for other policy tools, regulatory quality can be measured by both subjective (e.g. risk perceptions) and objective indicators, and therefore is contested by different actors.

  • What explains the variation of the creation, content and use of indicators across countries, organizations, levels of governments and regulatory sectors to measure the quality of regulations?
  • When and how does learning fuel the development and adoption of regulatory indicators?
  • How will the information gathered through regulatory indicators and measurement be used to increase the learning capacity of regulators to absorb new social knowledge, and to manage their regulatory reputation (Dunlop 2015)?
  • Performance indicators and measurement have been used in voluntary standards (e.g. ranking) and best practices to exercise pressure for voluntary compliance (Mehrpouya and Samiolo 2018). What are the input, output and process legitimacy underpinning their effectiveness?
  • What are appropriate performance management approaches, including but not limited to the use of performance indicators, that could hold bureaucrats accountable to complex regulatory goals?


  • Dunlop, Claire A. 2015. Organizational political capacity as learning. Policy and Society, 34:3-4, 259-270.
  • Mehrpouya, Afshin and Rita Samiolo. 2018. Numbers in regulatory intermediation: Exploring the role of performance measurement between legitimacy and compliance. Regulation & Governance, 1-20.
  • Radaelli, Claudio. 2018. Regulatory indicators in the European Union and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development: Performance assessment, organizational processes, and learning. Public Policy and Administration, 0(0): 1-20.


Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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