P37 – Panel – Trends and Contemporary Issues in Transnational Environmental Governance

Panel Title:

(P37) Trends and Contemporary Issues in Transnational Environmental Governance


Jolene Lin, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

Panel Descriptions:

This panel explores some of the trends and emerging issues concerning global regulatory responses to environmental challenges including climate change, biodiversity loss, and marine plastics pollution. In terms of trends, this panel seeks to go beyond traditional command-and-control regulation and lawmaking and to consider the wide array of hybrid and private governance solutions that have emerged. These include voluntary certification schemes, emissions trading, indicators and data analytics. The use of these approaches to advance environmental protection raises questions of effectiveness, legitimacy and accountability. One particular issue of legitimacy, for example, arises when powerful states or regional actors such as the European Union use certification and market access to achieve environmental objectives (such as reducing illegal timber logging). This panel seeks to reflect a range of perspectives across the Global North and Global South.

Panel Formats:

Traditional Approach


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